Dead Island Collector’s Edition with Turtle Beach Headset & DLC


Techland’s upcoming open world horror adventure Dead Island puts players in a fight for survival against a zombie outbreak on a desolate island environment.

Announced today; unleashing with Dead Island is a special Collector’s Edition available in Australia. Distributed exclusively through EB Games, the Dead Island Collector’s Edition comes with a series of extras to make the zombie experience just that little more pleasant.

[UPDATE 15/08/11]: This edition is now sold out. EB Games Australia are no longer taking pre-orders.

Dead Island Collectors Edition Xbox 360
Dead Island Collectors Edition PlayStation 3
Dead Island Collectors Edition PC
Included inside the Dead Island Collector’s Edition are:

  • Dead Island game
  • Turtle Beach Headset (P11 for PlayStation 3, X11 for Xbox 360 and Z2 for PC)
  • Dead Island T-Shirt
  • DLC Ripper weapon DLC
  • Bloodbath Arena DLC
  • Zombie Keyring
  • 3 Dead Island Postcards

[UPDATE]: EB Games Australia have updated the contents to include a Dead Island T-Shirt, Zombie Keyring and Postcard set.

Available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Each version comes with its own unique Turtle Beach Headset compatible for use on the preferred platform.

Turtle Beach Headsets are premium video game accessories designed specifically for use with gaming. Combining comfort with quality, those that have tried them out have given Turtle Beach glowing reviews.

Bundling a pair of Turtle Beach Headset in a special edition at such a low price is an amazing deal. Throw in extra DLC, a fancy package and you have an unbeatable offer.

From the promotional image, it appears the Dead Island Collector’s Edition will come in its own unique packaging making it truly collectible.

Dead Island is also available in standard edition but at the price point for a Collector’s Edition, why would you buy anything else.

EB Games are currently taking pre-orders with Dead Island set to thrust unsuspecting victims into a hellish paradise on the 9th of September.

EB Games – Dead Island Collector’s Edition (PS3, Xbox 360 – $129.95) (PC – $109.95)

EB Games – Dead Island Standard Edition (PS3, Xbox 360 – $108) (PC – $88)

GAME Australia – Dead Island Standard Edition (PS3, Xbox 360 – $98) (PC – $88)

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  1. Guest says

    ho ho ho, as if this game will pass the Australian review board which is utterly broken. Pigs will fly first.

    Wait and see it be refused classification.

    1. Hangie says

      I can only hope that it makes it through the classification hurdles alright. I’d hate to see it get censored in the Australian release. That would take all the fun out of it ๐Ÿ™

  2. Ninja_boi_ says

    it got though the classification uncut!!

    1. Hangie says

      Fantastic news ๐Ÿ˜€ Great to hear that Australia won’t be missing out and will get a version from Techland that has been untouched.

      In other news, the contents of the Dead Island Collector’s Edition has been updated by EB Games Australia to include more extras. You can see the amendments to the product description above.

  3. Martin says

    Dammit I was going to preorder this week sometime for the Collectors as well ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hangie says

      Dang ๐Ÿ™ I only found out myself when I asked and they said it is no longer available for pre-order. You can always opt for the JB Hi-Fi Special Edition or go with GAME and get a controller, DLC and a fancy cover art ๐Ÿ˜€

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