DC Universe Online Press Kit

DC Universe Online (also known as DCUO) is every comic fan’s dream. Developed by Sony Online Entertainment with the talents of Jim Lee as Executive Creative Director along with EverQuest developer Chris Cao as the Game Director.

With a star studded lineup of creative geniuses coupled with the artwork of DC Comics and the expertise of Sony Entertainment, you have one hell of a Press Kit.

SONY is renown for taking Press Kit designs to new heights and the DC Universe Online Press Kit is without exception.

Press Kit comes with a copy of the game for PlayStation 3, an Asset Disc, a Reviewer’s Guide booklet, DC Universe Online Legends Mini Comic (Issue 0) and a double sided Voucher Code (30 Day Subscription on one side, PC Download on the other).

Featuring an accordion fold design with black rubberised front and back cover with embossed characters. One side features the DC Comic heroes while the other side features the DC Comic villians.

Inner pages are made from high quality glossy cardboard glued together with embossed in-game screenshots from DC Universe Online as well as beautifully detailed artwork. The colours and detail are captivating with special slots for each disc.

This Press Kit took awhile for me to get a hold of, largely because most that were available were selling at such high prices initially.

There is quite a few in circulation at the moment as it is a relatively fresh item but I wouldn’t leave it for too long if you’re after one, as once they are gone you’ll have a hard time prying them from other collectors.

DC Universe Online Press Kit is a stunning example of how to do Press Kits and is a fine way to kick start the 2011 gaming line-up. It sets a high bar for other publishers, even for SONY themselves. Let’s see what other unique and ingenious designs they can come up with this year. 😉

*[NOTE]: High quality images to come later 😉

Contents: Game Disc, Asset Disc, Reviewer’s Guide Booklet, DC Universe Online Legends Mini Comic (Issue 0), Voucher Code (30 Day Subscription and PC Download), Accordion Fold Rubber Cover Casing.

  • Developer: Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)
  • Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)
  • Series: DC Comics
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 3, PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Genre(s): Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) January 20 2011, (NA) January 11 2011, (UK) January 14 2011
  • Release Price: N/A

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DC Universe Online Press Kit 360° View. Hold down your left mouse button and drag over image to rotate.