Create a Billboard Advertisement for Capcom’s Remember Me

Capcom are giving designers and creative minds a chance to incorporate their personal creations and images into the final retail release of Remember Me.

Create a Billboard Advertisement for Capcom's Remember Me

Fans can enter their billboard advertisement design to be featured in the world of Remember Me, forming part of the backdrop of Neo-Paris. Head to Adverts in 2084 to view advertising briefs for five fictional companies. Once you’ve selected one of these companies, you can start creating a billboard that promotes that brand to the citizens of Neo-Paris.

If you don’t have a creative flair, you can still enter by submitting an image along with a short description of why a moment is so important to you. Selected images will feature in the Memory Overload sequences, a result of successful completion of one of Nilin’s signature attacks. Entries can be submited from October 25th through to November 29th via the Remember Me Facebook page.

Remember Me is due out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC in May 2013.