Conduit 2 Limited Edition

The follow-up to High Voltage Software The Conduit came in a Conduit 2 Limited Edition package, much like the original.

Inside the Wii exclusive Conduit 2 Limited Edition is a copy of the game, manual, artbook and two exclusive unlocks – the ‘Eye Of Ra’ and the ‘Gold Destroyer Armor’ unlock.

The Conduit 2 game disc and manual are both standard edition copies. The cover art sports a variant cover with a darker background over the standard edition and the word ‘Limited Edition’ across the top.

What really makes Conduit 2 Limited Edition different to a standard edition is the included 44-page artbook. The artbook is feature packed with rich media from concept art to developmental designs of the environment, characters, weapons and enemies in the game.

The exclusive downloads for Conduit 2 Limited Edition are located on the last page of the artbook. Being a Wii title, these unlocks are not unique codes but rather two special pass codes.

When entered in-game will grant access to the all seeing ‘Eye of Ra’ device and the ‘Gold Destroyer Armor’ multi-player skin to give Agent Ford a glistening appearance.

The codes not being unique sadly detract from the Conduit 2 Limited Edition appeal, as the codes are readily available for use via various internet outlets.

Conduit 2 Limited Edition was priced at approximately $10 AUD more than a standard edition. Essentially for the extra money, you’re paying for access to the exclusive artbook.

If you’re a Conduit fan, the artbook is worth the extra money as I found it insightful and detailed in its presentation.

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Contents: Conduit 2 Game, Limited Edition Manual, Limited Edition Cover Slip, 44-Page Art Book with “Eye of Ra” and “Gold Destroyer Armor” unlock.

  • Developer: High Voltage Software
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Genre(s): First-Person Shooter
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) April 21 2011, (EU) April 21 2011, (NA) April 19 2011
  • Release Price: $88 AUD, $49.99 USD