City of Heroes Freedom Gives Players More Freedom & Choice

NC Soft and Paragon Studios have announced new changes to come to City of Heroes. The world’s top comic book MMO game will be renamed to City of Heroes Freedom, with plans to offer more content to more players in a way that hasn’t been done previously in the MMO.

“Freedom is about getting more content into the hands of our players, whether they are subscribing or playing for free”, said Brian Clayton, Executive Producer at Paragon Studios. “To do this, we’ve looked at City of Heroes from the ground up and focused on three ways to enhance the experience by giving our players more choices, greater rewards and the best content we’ve ever produced. And for the first time ever, players can choose to enjoy more than seven years of content for free.”

City of Heroes Freedom Fallen Seer
City of Heroes Freedom
will cater for both paying subscribers and non-paying players with the focus on offering more choice, rewards and content for everyone. NC Soft highlighted each aspect and the benefits to come with City of Heroes Freedom:

  • Choice
    Freedom means that everyone can customise their experience – those who wish to play an unparalleled amount of content for free can do so, while those who wish to enjoy a premium experience can do so as well. Players who want to enjoy the unrivalled free experience will be able to fight and fly their way to level 50 with full access to Hero and Villain zones, choosing the specific pieces of content they want. Players that decide to subscribe will enjoy all current subscriber benefits as well as new VIP exclusive benefits, content and services.
  • Rewards
    City of Heroes Freedom will reward its loyal players through a value-packed Paragon Rewards program that provides bonus content tailored to each player’s preferences. Ranging from powers and costume sets, to unique visual effects and consumables, these all-new items are rewarded monthly and chosen by the player. 

    Additionally, starting July 1st, current subscribers will begin accumulating 400 Paragon Points every month up until launch, giving loyal customers unprecedented rewards and options when City of Heroes Freedom arrives. These points can be used to purchase hundreds of costumes, items, services and consumables available via the in-game Paragon Market (co-developed by online transaction leaders, PlaySpan) and will be available to use on the first day of launch.

  • Content
    The City of Heroes franchise is already packed with unequalled content and features, with 20 free expansions, more than 1,600 missions and 375,000 user-generated missions. Now with Freedom, Paragon is delivering more content, more often and spearheading this charge is Issue 21: Convergence. Issue 21, which launches alongside Freedom, is packed with some of the highest-quality content yet including First Ward – a dynamic new co-op zone that is gripped in conflict – as well as a new Power Set, the highly-anticipated Underground Incarnate Trial and two full costume sets. Along with a completely new starting experience and a greatly enhanced character creator, Issue 21 offers content for new, returning and veteran players. 

    In addition to more Issues delivered more frequently, players can look forward to unique content such as monthly Signature Story Arcs (free for VIP Players) that will empower players to make a difference in the City of Heroes universe by fighting alongside iconic heroes and villains as the story unfolds.

Seven years on, City of Heroes is still going strong firmly holding the top comic book MMO spot. City of Heroes has stood the test of time which Paragon Studios are keen to take that momentum with them in the latest update, “Through City of Heroes Freedom, we will be delivering more content to players than ever before, while continuing to expand the ever-evolving City of Heroes storyline and legacy.” said Brian Clayton.

City of Heroes Freedom will be launching later in the year with fans able to get a first chance look at the game at San Diego Comic Con this year. More information and future announcements can be found at the Official City of Heroes Website.

Check out what’s to come with some super powered images of City of Heroes Freedom below: