Catch the Mythical Pokemon Victini for Pokemon Black & White! Limited Time Only!

With the release of Pokemon Black & Pokemon White, Nintendo Australia will be giving Pokemon Trainers a chance to capture the elusive mythical Pokemon Victini for a limited time.

Victini will be available from March 10th, 2011 until April 28th, 2011. To catch Victini, trainers will need to make their way to a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection hot spot at selected locations throughout Australia.

Mythical Pokemon Victini
Mythical Pokemon Victini.


You will need to have a copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White and have obtained the Unova Pokedex in-game. Be sure you don’t have more than two Wonder Cards or you won’t have room for Victini.

Once you have obtained a Liberty Pass, you’ll be able to capture Victini in-game. Remember that you can only have one Victini per Game Card.

Step By Step Instructions on how to catch Victini are available here.

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Better hurry, Victini won’t be around for too long. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

[SOURCE]: Pokemon Black & Pokemon White: Victini