Castle Crashers Annual Tournament of Champions

The Behemoth are once again looking for the Castle Crashers Champion, with the newly released details for 2nd Annual Tournament of Champions. The competition is open to residents of all countries and a true arena champion will have to battle for their chance to be one of the 100 competitors, but we can assure you it’s worth it. The Behemoth will be giving away a treasure-trove goodies and the ultimate champion will be rewarded with a 24 karat gold-plated Xbox 360!

 As far as the sweet swag goes, everyone who makes it to the top 50 will find themselves rewarded with a prize, while the top 24 will also get a special bonus. For those brave enough to jump into the arena and skillful enough to make it out alive the top prizes include:


    • A fully functional 24k Gold-plated Xbox 360
    • The new Necromancer figurine signed by the development crew at The Behemoth,
    • An army of twenty-five squeezy chickens,
    • A chonku-chonku mini-figurine in the Castle Crashers color of their choice,
    • All nine Castle Crashers mobile phone charms,
    • A Behemoth beanie hat,
    • A Behemoth shirt


    • A signed Necromancer figurine,
    • A chonku-chonku mini-figurine in a Castle Crashers color of choice,
    • A troop of 15 squeezy chickens,
    • A Castle Crashers mobile phone charm,
    • A Behemoth beanie hat,
    • A Behemoth shirt


    • A pile of 10 squeezy chickens,
    • A set of four chonku-chonku Castle Crashers mini-figurine,
    • A Castle Crashers mobile phone charm,
    • A Behemoth beanie hat,
    • A Behemoth shirt


To be eligible for the 2nd Annual Tournament of Champions, Castle Crashers crusaders will need to fight their way into the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena players on the XBLA leaderboards by noon (PST) on August 17, 2012. The top 100 valid entries must then register to compete before battling it out in 1-on-1 elimination rounds starting Saturday August 25, 2012 until the ultimate champion is found!

Head on over to the official Tournament website and check out the Terms & Conditions to get yourself ready for the fight of your life! Or are you too chicken?