Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Steelbook Edition Revealed; EB Game Australia Exclusive

Fans of DICE’s Battlefield 3 will be pleased to learn a new Collector’s Edition has been added to EB Games Australia pre-order list, Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Edition.

The Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pack was previously announced by EA as being available in Europe but up until now hasn’t been announced for Australia.

EB Games have secured the Physical Warfare Pack but has gone one better getting the Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Edition in a Steelbook.

Included in the Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Edition you’ll find:

  • Collector Case (Steelbook)
  • Limited Edition Game Battlefield 3 + Return to Karkand Expansion Pack
  • Exclusive Weapon
    • TYPE 88 Light Machine Gun DLC
  • Exclusive Weapon Mod
    • Flash Suppressor for SKS Sniper Rifle DLC
  • Day 1 Access
    • DAO – 12 shotgun DLC
  • Exclusive Ammo
    • Flechette ammo for the DAO-12 shotgun

Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Edition is an EB Games exclusive and at the time of writing this hasn’t been listed on EB Games Online Website. Promotional posters for the limited edition have started appearing in-store which is where I snapped this image from.

[UPDATE 01-07-11]: EB Games listed it this morning. Check it out via the link below. Updated with official packshot images. If you already pre-ordered the limited edition, you will automatically be upgraded to the Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Steelbook Edition.

Right now EB Games are currently having an extra 50% trade credit bonus if you trade towards a pre-order making it a prime time to pay off all the upcoming releases in the second half of 2011. Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Edition will be available from October 27th, 2011.

EB Games – Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Steelbook Edition (PS3, Xbox 360 – $108), (PC – $88)

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