Batman: Arkham City Steelbook Edition Announced; EB Exclusive

Last week news broke of the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition that will be available at all good video game retailers across the country.

This morning EB Games Australia has followed it up with their own EB exclusive, the Batman: Arkham City Steelbook Edition.

Included inside this very special package you’ll discover:

  • Batman: Arkham City Game
  • Batman Arkham City Steel Book Case
  • Joker Carnival Challenge Map DLC
  • 70’s Batsuit skin DLC
  • Batman Under the Red Hood DVD (Blu Ray for PS3)

No image has been revealed yet on what the steelbook actually looks like but be sure to check back as I’ll be updating the page once more information comes to hand.

[UPDATE 28-07-11]: EB Games Australia have updated the listing with a product image as above.

[UPDATE 10-08-11]: Product image has been further updated to reveal what the Steelbook looks like. Batz on one side, and the crazed Joker on the other. How very Gotham. 🙂

The Batman: Arkham City Steelbook Edition replaces the standard edition of the game while on pre-order. $98 AUD may seem high to visitors from other countries, however this is usually the standard RRP of new release titles in Australia making the bonuses effectively a freebie.

The extra content included in the Steelbook Edition is not found in the Collector’s Edition so you’ll have to think carefully on which option best suits you.

If my sources are correct, the Batman 70’s Batsuit DLC should look like this: [UPDATE 28-07-11]: Confirmed 😀

I grew up with this Batman outfit so its a nostalgic re-visit to my childhood. Nothing like a body molded suit with blue highlights. 🙂

Batman: Arkham City Steelbook Edition will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC from the 19th of October 2011. Hit the link below to pre-order your copy.

EB Games Australia
– Batman: Arkham City Steelbook Edition; EB Exclusive (Xbox 360, PS3 – $98) (PC – $88)