Australian Pricing: Wii U Round Up

The Nintendo Wii has been selling out across North America and in just three days the new hand-held home console will be hitting Australia. To prepare our keen gamers for the launch and pre-christmas mayhem, wii here at Esperino have put together the full list of Wii U Prices across Australia. As the console launch is not far away, we’ll only be looking at the best in-store deals so you won’t be left waiting for your wii by the mailbox. Rest assured there are still some mighty fine looking deals around, so you’ll be sure to have plenty of money left over for games.


Starting with the Wii U Basic Set, this pack includes the white console with 8GB of internal memory, a GamePad and charger, sensor bar and HDMI cable. The Recommended Retail Price is $349.95, but most retailers have lowered it to entice you to their launch. Australian prices for this set are as follows:

[Just click on the store name to view the relevant catalogue page or website]

  • JB Hifi – $299, inc ‘Wii U Starter Pack’ [x1 Gamepad Silicon Glove, x2 Screen Protectors, x1 Gamepad Stylus]
  • Kmart – $299
  • Big W – $338 (until December 05, then back to $348)
  • Dick Smith – $348
  • Eb Games – $348
  • Harvey Norman – $348
  • Target – $349, inc ‘Just Dance 4’ game


Moving on the Premium Pack (known as the Deluxe Set overseas), gamers investing in this black-consoled beauty will be getting their hands on the console (black only) featuring 32GB of memory; HDMI cable; sensor bar; the GamePad, its charger and cradle; stands for both the console and Gamepad, Nintendo Network Premium service and a copy of the Nintendo Land game. The RRP for this one is $429, but once again stores are trying to entice you with some great deals on day one.

Aussie prices for the Premium Pack are currently at:

*JB Hifi  also have an added deal online where you can get an extra  Wii U game for only $40.


Retailers are likely to sell out fast (especially those with the best details), so for those eager for a console but yet to place a preorder, it’s still best to go early to avoid the hordes of confused christmas-shopping parents. It’s also worth noting that for the clever gamers aiming to price match their preorders, retailers will generally only match competitors within their local area; so if you’re attempting to match a price for a store that doesn’t exist in your state… well, you might be in for a surprise.

If you know of any other deals we’ve missed, just leave us a comment and we’ll investigate for you.
Otherwise, wii wish you luck in your console quests!