Are You the UK’s Top SoulCalibur Player?

To celebrate the launch of SoulCalibur V next month, the search has began to find UK’s top SoulCalibur V player. Gamers will be given the opportunity to attend the SoulCalibur V launch party at where some of the world’s biggest fighting game champions will be in attendance. The matches themselves will be streamed on Twitch TV for all to marvel upon.

The SoulCalibur V Launch party will be taking place at the The Chapel Bar in Islington from 12-6pm on Saturday 4th February. There will be a limited free bar and entrance will be permitted on a first come first serve basis for up to 200 people.

This event will kickstart a nationwide search to find the best SoulCalibur V players to take part in the UK finals on March 16th at a currently undisclosed location with a bunch of cool prizes up for grabs. Further details of the registration process for the UK finals are to be announced soon. The winner of this tournament will go on to take part in the EU finals in London.

Madcatz will be also be showing off their SoulCalibur V Soul Edition arcade sticks and bringing top UK and French players Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son) and Marie-Laure Norindr (Kayane), who will be on hand to give some useful tips and partake in some thrilling exhibition matches.

SoulCalibur V is set for release for Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 2 in Australia and February 3 in Europe 2012. So if you haven’t preordered yourself a Collector’s Edition yet, there’s still time!

For more information check out the official Soul Calibur website.