Arcana Heart 3 : Suggoi Oppai Fans Edition Available For Preorder From Zen United


Zen United, specialists in collector’s editions have announced the Arcana Heart 3 : Suggoi Oppai Fans Edition.

The Arcana Heart 3 : Suggoi Oppai Fans Edition is limited to just 500 pieces in total, available exclusively through the Zen United Online Store.

Arcana Heart 3 Suggoi Oppai Fans Edition

The Arcana Heart 3 : Suggoi Oppai Fans Edition comes with:

  • Mei Fang Super 3D Boobie Mousemat

PLUS! The Arcana Heart 3 Fans Edition, including;

  • Arcana Heart 3 on PS3 or Xbox 360.
  • The original, 144 page Japanese Arcana Heart 3 artbook.
  • Arcana Heart 3 Official Soundtrack exclusive to this Limited Edition set.
  • 12 character guide cards, featuring artwork and command listings for Arcana Heart’s extensive character and Arcana roster.

The unique piece in the Fans Edition is the Mei Fang Super 3D Boobie Mousemat:

Let robotic, Kung-Fu mistress, Mei-Fang, soothe away your combo-induced aches and pains with her LUXURY WRIST PILLOWS. Nestle your tired wrist between her SUMPTUOUS SILICON MOUNDS for a mouse-shifting experience that must be felt to be believed!

Priced at an affordable £41.66 and available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Zen United is currently taking pre-orders for a 30th of June, 2011 release.

Unfortunately shipping is steep if you live outside the UK. Have a look at the shipping chart to get an idea of shipping freight to your region and if it is affordable in your area:

  • UK = £4
  • Europe = £20
  • US & Canada = £30
  • Australia & NZ = £45
  • Rest of the Wolrd = £55

Shipping doesn’t combine either so its doubly painful. If you want to secure yourself a copy be sure to make up your mind quick haste as those 3D Boobie Mousemats won’t be around for too long.

[SOURCE]: Zen United’s Online Store

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  1. Kaishou says

    Need to clarify something. You need to pay an additional 20% from VAT. The store calculate both the product price and the delivery then add the VAT. You need to pay the following;

    United Kingdom: £54.79
    Europe: £73.99US & Canada: £85.99Australia and New Zealand: £103.99Rest of the world: £115.99
    In my opinion, this certainly isn’t worth the trouble to buy even if you do live in the United Kingdom. You’ll be paying between £20 and £25 more to get a “mouse pad” I doubt ANYONE would want to use.

    1. Hangie says

      For us here in Australia, the shipping costs more than the game package itself which is a shame. 🙁 I could justify going for the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Collector’s Edition since it came packaged in a fancy box and is pretty weighty for what it is but this one would seriously hurt my wallet if I choose to go for it. Decisions, decisions…

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