Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pre-Order Bonus Isabella & Town Hall Mini Figurine

EB Games in Australia will be giving away an exclusive Isabelle mini figurine with a Town Hall with pre-orders of the latest 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf title.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pre-Order Bonus Isabella & Town Hall Mini Figurine

Isabelle is the assistant to the mayor in the town of New Leaf that players will be getting acquainted with over the course of their adventure.

The mini figurine set is an EB exclusive in Australia and New Zealand, only available with a pre-order of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS and strictly while stocks last.

Over in Europe, UK retailer GAME will have the same figurine as an exclusive offering in the region, and will only be available to UK customers only.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is expected to release on the 15th of June in Australia and a day earlier in the UK, which does give you a fair amount of time to pre-order, but don’t delay if Animal Crossing: New Leaf is already on your to-buy list.

GAME UK – Animal Crossing: New Leaf with BONUS mini figurine (3DS – £29.99)

EB Games Australia – Animal Crossing: New Leaf with BONUS mini figurine (3DS – $68 AUD)

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  • Kate

    Why is this not available to Americans?!

    • Strange that GameStop in America aren’t giving the same figurines away, since EB Games here in Australia are part of the same group.

      Then again, you guys get the awesome Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL console! :O

      We don’t get that in Oz. We’d have to order one from the UK or other PAL territories if we want it. 🙁

      • Yeah, but we have to pay almost $200 for that console. You guys get these awesome little figures as a reward for just pre-ordering. 🙁

        • Yes the figure is pretty awesome. 🙂 A freebie is always appreciated but I just love the look of the Animal Crossing console. Perhaps its because I have a soft spot for the little critters, particularly Tom Nook. 😀