Agarest: Generations of War Collector’s Edition

With Agarest: Generations of War Zero Collector’s Edition pre-orders available soon, what better time to have a look at its predecessor, Agarest: Generations of War Collector’s Edition.

Agarest: Generations of War, also known as Record of Agarest War in the US, is a strategy role playing game developed by Idea Factory for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Today Esperino will be having a look at Agarest: Generations of War Collector’s Edition, published by Ghostlight in Europe in 2009 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Within the Agarest: Generations of War Collector’s Edition is a special case inlay, a 48 page art book, 6 collectable art cards and a A3 poster, all packed neatly into a special cardboard box.

The collector’s edition case inlay features a different cover art from the standard edition. On the inside cover, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder, there is a bath scene from one of the in game event scenes. The box art is different too.

Personally I found the hard cover art book to be the defining piece to this collector’s edition. The cover is pretty sturdy and the pages are a high quality. Inside this 48 paged book of goodness contains illustrations of some of the characters from each generation, along with several prints of event scenes from throughout the game. I didn’t take many photos of the book’s content, why? Spoilers~

Next up are the 6 glossy art cards, each featuring one of the characters. These are numbered from 1 to 6 on the back. A nice addition to any collector’s edition, you can’t really go wrong with some quality art cards.

And last but not least, the A3 limited edition poster. The poster features the artwork from the standard edition case cover. If you preferred the artwork on the standard edition’s cover over the collector’s edition cover, now you have a bigger and better version of it.

Agarest: Generations of War Collector’s Edition had a limited print run so these are pretty rare. Last time I checked I did find a few copies floating around the internet, so with a little bit of effort there is still a chance to add this lovely collector’s edition to your collection.



Contents: Game Disc, Game Manual, 48 Page Hard Cover Art Book, 6 Art Cards, A3 Poster

  • Developer: Idea Factory
  • Publisher: Ghostlight Ltd
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 3
  • Genre(s): RPG
  • Release Date(s): (UK) September 30th 2009
  • Release Price: (UK) £44.99 RRP