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So what is esperino.com?

The idea of Esperino.com has been on the back burner for quite some time. I wanted to create a website where I could share my passion and knowledge of video games with like minded individuals who enjoy this past time as much as I do.

With a little push from a special individual I decided to go for it and create a website that I’ve dreamed about for so long :)

I floated a few website names that incorporated the word ‘game’ but with so many blogs and game sites out there, most names were already taken. I didn’t want the website to disappear in a sea of gaming site so I went with Esperino, a name close to my gaming-playing heart.

Esperino originated as a name of a community and that is the same ideals that has carried over to esperino.com

The aim is to build a video game network for video game enthusiasts whether you be a gamer, collector or just like to marvel at the creativity, story telling or experiences that goes into this entertainment media that we’ve grown to love.

We’re the first video game website to utilise 360 degree view technology so our readers can get an all round view at their own leisure. Not sure what that is? Check out the link to see an example at the bottom.

The focus of Esperino is primarily on PAL version games, however there is plans to explore games from other regions as the site grows. So check out the site as there’s bound to be something for you! ^_^

If you have suggestions, ideas or would like to contribute to the site, please contact us. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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