About Us

About Us

Origins Story

Everybody has an origins story, but there’s no radioactive spiders or alien planets in this one.

Esperino has been on the interweb since 2011, founded on an ambitious idea and probably too much coffee.

Originally intended to be a website to share knowledge on video game collectibles and pre-order incentives, Esperino has grown to become so much more.

Nowadays we feature news, previews, reviews, interviews, retrospectives, videos, editorials, and plenty more thanks to our hardworking team and the generous support of Australia’s biggest developers and publishers.

Why Esperino?

We get this question a lot. No, the site isn’t Spanish and it has nothing to do with Esperanto.


Esperino is a play on ‘Esper’ from the Final Fantasy series. With so many website out there incorporating the word ‘gamer’, We wanted a name that would be different enough to stand out from the crowd, but even that has presented just as many challenges.

In The Media

Occasionally others like to talk about us.

Below are a few notable sites and gaming personalities who have mentioned us in the past:

Kotaku – Assassin’s Creed III ‘Join Or Die’ Leak

Official Xbox Magazine – “What’s in the Box?” Portal 2 Cube Edition Photo (May 2014)


Shadowrun Returns – Jordan Weisman Interview

Cliff Bleszinski – Retrospective: 5 DOS Platformers You MUST Play!

MMGN – Borderlands 2 Swag-Filled Diamond Plated Loot Chest

Egozot – The Splatters “Fine Tuning” Interview

Time for a Change

Esperino underwent its first major face-lift. In July 2015, the site was drastically transformed to better cater to the demands of our readers.

With a fresh new look and responsive design, Esperino is easier to read on mobile devices and tablets, providing rich media and content in an easy to digest format.


The mammoth task of converting, while retaining almost 5 years of content wasn’t easy, but I think you’ll agree it was worth the effort.

Thank You

It’s been a learning experience over the years. Who knew we’d still be here nearly 5 years on. A big THANK YOU to the support we’ve received from the wonderful gaming community, not to mention the hardworking writers over the years.

Massive thanks also goes out to the gaming companies and individuals we’ve been fortunate enough to work with during this time, who have generously supported Esperino from our early beginning.

If you’re a developer or publisher who isn’t already working with us; and would like to, drop us a line.

We hope you’ll stick around and don’t be shy to say hello to us. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or would like to contribute to the site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again for visiting!