505 Games Announces Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures & Cooking Mama 4; Inside-Out Fun!

505 Games have announced two new Cooking Mama titles heading to Nintendo handhelds this year, Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures for Nintendo DS and Cooking Mama 4 for Nintendo 3DS. The domestic queen of mini-game fun activities returns with all new games, taking the fun to the outdoors.

In Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures, join Mama and her family as they explore Adventure Island through hundreds of outdoor mini-games, 38 stages and untold treasure and secrets to uncover. Five areas on the island contain a variety of challenges including; Cooking – cutting and peeling fruit, grilling fish and clams on the barbeque, Making – create a spider catcher, craft a net or build a bonfire, Action – catch fish, cut down trees and pick flowers, Answer – identify jungle objects and creatures! Players will be able to decorate their base camp with treasure they uncover on the island and create their own camping picture book to document their discoveries.

Mama returns to doing what she does best; turning budding chefs into culinary artists, for the first time in 3D via the unique Nintendo 3DS display in Cooking Mama 4. Hundreds of new dishes are available to master, and now combine into brand new creations. Certain combinations will unlock new recipes and minigames, challenging players to engage their kitchen creativity as well as their chopping skills and up to four players can compete to chase high scores and topple existing records in Challenge Mode.

Ralph Pitt-Stanley, Commercial Director at 505 Games commented on the success of the Cooking Mama titles, “Our longstanding relationship with Cooking Mama Limited has made Mama a symbol of our company and a flagship franchise for our business,”. “The new announcements in the series are always a pillar event in our release calendar, and with Mama’s long awaited appearance on 3DS, this year will be no exception.”

505 Games were kind enough to reveal some fresh new screenshots and the European packshot for Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures. Not much detail is available on Cooking Mama 4 yet (being a working title and all), but 505 Games did give a sneak look at the logo.

Both Cooking Mama titles are due this coming winter, just in time for the holiday season.