200 x Paladins Closed Beta Key for PS4 and Xbox One to Giveaway

First come, first served. Enjoy!

Thanks to the good folk at Hi-Rez Studios, we have 200 Closed Beta Keys to giveaway for Paladins on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, 100 keys for each platform.

Each key will provide access to Paladins on console, which has now progressed to Closed Beta. Paladins will launch on Season 1 patch and includes:

  • 22 champions
  • Champion customization via Legendaries, Card Deck Building, and
    in-match Items
  • 3 PvP modes: Siege, Payload and Survival
  • Ranked mode
  • Co-op challenges

The newly announced Paladins Console Wars will take place at Dreamhack Valencia in July, featuring the top XBox team playing against the top Playstation
team. Console Wars will have a prize purse of $50,000. More information on the Console Wars can be found at: http://hrz.io/dreamhack2017

To claim your free Paladins Closed Beta Key, simply choose your platform, enter your email down below and you’ll be sent one of 50 keys. First come, first served.

Check out the newest trailer for Paladins and its closed beta console release below.

Good luck and enjoy your free key!